14May 2019
  • DMC C10-218C C10-218EFR

Which Safety cable should I use? DMC C10-218C C10-218EFR You should follow your aircraft manual to select safety cable kits or safety wires. Usually DMC C10-218C and C10-218EFR are recommended by almost aircraft manuals.   ##DMC C10-218C DMC C10-218C is the most popular safety cable kits for aircraft and engines. C = Kit (Cable & […]

25Jan 2019
  • SAFETY CABLE KITS AS-3510-0218C F10-06 elongated ferrule

Safety cable kits in stock !!! AS3510-0218C & F10-06 The part number is DMC C10-218, DMC C10-218EFR safety cable kits. CFM56 CP8006 Safety Cable 0.032 in. (0.8 mm) Dia (safety cable) CoMat 02-274 SAFETY CABLE KITS DANIELS C10-218 (DIA 0,032IN LENGTH 18IN) CoMat 02-275 SAFETY CABLE KITS BERGEN K30B18 (DIA 0,032IN LENGTH 18IN)   OMat 2/142 Safety […]

01Apr 2018

A Better Brake Part from Design to Delivery To get PMA approval for our brake parts, we set the bar high. Our designs, engineering, testing, manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance are comprehensive and rigorous.  We document thousands of dynamometer test landings and regulated flight tests which include, but are not limited to, max weight […]

03Aug 2015

There are 2 main brands of safety cables in aviation. They are DMC and Bergen. You can select one of the safety cables according to SPM.  Details refer to link: https://www.tedainc.net/safety_cable_engine_manual/ After brand selection, you need to decide the length of safety cable and kinds of ferrules. https://www.tedainc.net/dmc_part_numbering_system/ https://www.tedainc.net/bergen-safety_cable_part_number_system/ More and more safety cables are […]