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14May 2019
  • DMC C10-218C C10-218EFR

Which Safety cable should I use? DMC C10-218C C10-218EFR You should follow your aircraft manual to select safety cable kits or safety wires. Usually DMC C10-218C and C10-218EFR are recommended by almost aircraft manuals.   ##DMC C10-218C DMC C10-218C is the most popular safety cable kits for aircraft and engines. C = Kit (Cable & […]

25Jan 2019
  • SAFETY CABLE KITS AS-3510-0218C F10-06 elongated ferrule

Safety cable kits in stock !!! AS3510-0218C & F10-06 The part number is DMC C10-218, DMC C10-218EFR safety cable kits. CFM56 CP8006 Safety Cable 0.032 in. (0.8 mm) Dia (safety cable) CoMat 02-274 SAFETY CABLE KITS DANIELS C10-218 (DIA 0,032IN LENGTH 18IN) CoMat 02-275 SAFETY CABLE KITS BERGEN K30B18 (DIA 0,032IN LENGTH 18IN)   OMat 2/142 Safety […]

03Aug 2015

There are 2 main brands of safety cables in aviation. They are DMC and Bergen. You can select one of the safety cables according to SPM.  Details refer to link: After brand selection, you need to decide the length of safety cable and kinds of ferrules. More and more safety cables are […]